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"Our real estate development team diligently works to not only enhance the financial bottom line, but also create a positive legacy in the community by virtue of our projects."

Randy Sater, President 

StoneBridge Properties 

What We Do

StoneBridge Properties has extensive experience leading and master-planning complex land development projects. We are especially adept at working with institutional players who have deep roots in the community in which they operate. Our real estate development team works carefully to represent the institution's values with the ultimate goal of not only enhancing the financial bottom line, but also contributing to or enhancing the positive legacy left by the institution through the real estate project.

How We Do This?

We engage the community in the ultimate planning and development of the site in order to develop community inspired places.

How Do We Do This
Leave a Legacy

Establish a Legacy

We always start with the goal of leaving a positive legacy behind for ourselves and the institutions we represent.

“StoneBridge Properties has been instrumental in helping us make positive contributions in the communities we operate in thru its land development.” 

– Jud Riggs, Chairman and CEO Teichert


Build Trust

We seek to build trust with neighbors, interest groups, decision–makers and the greater community.

"StoneBridge's approach to the land use entitlement efforts created a great amount of trust for our organization and was praised as "the model" by the Sutter Memorial neighbors and the City of Sacramento."

– Robert M. Mitsch, Vice President,

Sutter Health Facility and Property Services

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Build Trust
We Meet with Stakeholders One by One

Meet with Stakeholders
One by One

The outreach work that we do is grassroots. It is intentional and is accomplished by meeting one-on-one with neighbors and interest groups. We build trust and support incrementally.

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"Put simply, the StoneBridge properties team could not have done a better job in working with us and I heartily recommend them. They are excellent!"

– David Felderstein, Neighbor to Sutter Park Project


Build Support Block by Block

We build on our outreach block by block, meeting with individuals and interest groups, listening and incorporating ideas and addressing concerns. We meet with regulatory agencies to work out solutions to complex issues associated with the project.

"We have been thoroughly impressed with the level of community outreach by StoneBridge Properties. They not only reached out to all immediate neighbors of the project and to all the neighborhoods in East Sacramento, but they also incorporated what they heard into the project."

– Paul N. Noble, President,

East Sacramento Community Association

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Build Support Block by Block

It starts with a conversation.

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