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Sacramento County, CA 


113± acres 


Entitlements approved in 2004; Project completed 2006 


StoneBridge Properties designed and constructed civil improvements which, in this case, required mass grading, roadway improvements, and wet and dry utilities for 105 homes. In addition, Teichert designed and constructed a drainage retention basin, completed an oak tree mitigation plan which resulted in numerous trees being planted, and performed mass grading for the Rosemont High School Site. 


105 single-family residential lots; 2.5± acre commercial site; new high school and sports complex  


The project was financed 100% through equity provided by Teichert, StoneBridge Properties’ parent company. 


StoneBridge Properties was the project developer. 


All site improvements have been successfully completed, and lots were sold to Meritage Homes which proceeded to construct and sell homes.


2003 Excellence in Reclamation Award

Aspen Village and Rosemont High School 

Presented by the California Mining Association 

Aspen Village and Rosemont High School

The Aspen Village and Rosemont High School reuse project was conceived and executed by StoneBridge Properties with the overall goal of repurposing one of Teichert’s former mining sites. Teichert originally mined the project site for aggregates between 1980 and 1994, and the site was used to support aggregate operations up until the early 2000’s. 

Project conceptualization began when the Sacramento City Unified School District began looking for a new high school site to serve the Rosemont community, prompting StoneBridge Properties to see a bigger opportunity with the overall site. Working in close coordination with Sacramento City Unified School District and the Rosemont Community Association, StoneBridge Properties developed a master plan and planned unit development for the property consisting of the following land uses: 

  • A 2.5± acre commercial site located at the southwest corner of Kiefer Boulevard and Bradshaw Road. 

  • A 26± acre residential community consisting of 105 architecturally diverse single-family homes. 

  • A new high school and expansive sports complex to serve the Rosemont community. 


The project incorporated high quality architecture and landscaping, extensive roadway beautification along Mayhew Road, and a 40± acre land donation by Teichert to the Sacramento City Unified School District to provide a state-of-the-art sports complex and bring a long awaited new high school to the community. The collaborative nature of the project was lauded by the Rosemont Community Association and the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, and in 2003 the project was awarded the California Mining Association Excellence in Reclamation Award 

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