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“Creating community inspired places is all about sitting down with individuals to truly understand what’s most important to them.” 

– Randall Sater, President

Who We Are

Particularly, StoneBridge is known for repurposing legacy properties such as large mining tracts, hospitals, and former industrial sites that no longer serve operational 

needs for corporate entities. In the process, StoneBridge Properties carefully focuses on community engagement as it conceptualizes and develops its neighborhoods. The effectiveness of StoneBridge Properties’ community engagement is exemplified by the broad community support for the team’s iconic developments. 

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To implement its projects, StoneBridge Properties leverages its relationship with its parent company Teichert, a family-owned construction company operating in California since 1887.

By involving Teichert in early design efforts, StoneBridge Properties is able to value engineer and timely deliver residential subdivisions to homebuilders. Because of its unique approach to development, StoneBridge has earned a reputation for completing successful projects that satisfy landowners, investors, and the broader community. 

Leadership Team


Randall Sater



Ronald Gatto 

Executive Vice President and Treasurer


Michael Isle

AICP, Senior Project Manager


Hillary Johnson

ASLA, Project Manager


It starts with a conversation.

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